Botanical Gardens and Tandoori Food

On this day we took a tour of a Botanical Garden and saw some of the most gorgeous plant life in the world.  There are so many tropical flowers that are unlike anything you've ever seen, it was stunning! 

  After the Botanical Garden, we took another tour.  This one was all about chocolate!  We saw the process of making chocolate from the weird, podlike fruit it starts out in,
to roasting of the beans.  They even do a sacred dance over them to make them taste better and OH. EM. GEEEEE. I think it's working because chocolate is the friggin' bomb.  

That night after the tour we went out for amazing Tandoori food at a place called Razmataz.  I ordered fish korma which was INCREDIBLE and for dessert Alex and I split the aptly named Himalayan Ice Cream Sundae.  The thing was probably taller than me... though that's not saying much.

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