Mud People!

One morning for class, we headed off to the Folk Center in the city of Castries.  We listened to lectures from some of St. Lucia's most renowned people and then we all took part in a drum circle.  It was amazing, and our "classroom" for the day overlooked some of the most gorgeous views in the country.  For lunch we were given complimentary chicken roti, and for the first time ever, I tried tamarind juice, which was, despite my reluctance to try it, delicious.  For the rest of the trip I drank tamarind juice any chance I could get! 

Later in the week, we traveled to Soufrier, a town in the heart of a volcano.  We visited a museum that sat awaiting us at a flight of seemingly endless stairs (Alex said, and I quote: "these stairs were created by Satan!") and stood so close to the volcano we could see smoke rising from the center.  We also took a mud bath in the hot springs which everyone suggested trying.  They say it takes ten years off your life, and considering people always think I'm 12, I guess I now look like a fetus? Sweet.  
We pranced around the bath, covering ourselves in mud and taking tons of pictures. The smell of sulfur accompanied us the whole way home but it was soooo worth it.  

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