Ibiza Photo Diary

We woke bright and early on our last day in Barcelona and grabbed our rental car, Denia bound. Driving through the country side, talking, laughing, blasting music, it was beautiful. We  got horribly lost for a couple of hours but, with the help of some guardian angels I imagine, we finally found the ferry that would take us to Ibiza.   

Our first night there we were pretty wiped out and ended up crashing early.  Th next few days were filled with exploring though!  We dissevered a gorgeous restaurant right on the beach called Tulip Cafe and ate the most delicious croquets.  And the day after that we hopped on a little boat that brought us Cala Basa Beach in under 30 minutes. Each night we would sit on our balcony and share a cigar as we wrote in our travel journals and wished this would never end.

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