There are few things I love more than the changing of the seasons. As someone who is constantly chasing newness, (new cultures, new foods, new ideas,) I adore the feeling of a fresh start. Often by the time a new season rolls around, I've had my fill of the last one and now I'm PUMPED for whatever the next one is about to bring: spring flowers, summer BBQ's, autumn pumpkins and winter holidays (to name just a few.)

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Unbeknownst to them, two of my biggest life gurus are Chip and Joanna Gaines. They are magical unicorns who seem to radiate nothing other than success, positivity and all around fantastical-ness. They are arguably reclaiming "The Midas Touch" as "The Gaines Touch." One of the things I love most about them though, is how they constantly discuss the different "seasons of their lives." This idea recently sparked something within me. I began to notice that there are seasons within myself as well: a season of cleansing, a season of curiosity, a season of creation and a season of calm. Shaping my life this way feels much more conducive to achieving my goals than the ways I've tried in the past. I am a bit of a self-growth nerd and always looking for innovative ways to be the best me possible.

(Yes, I'm a Capricorn.)

Last year, I tried focusing on 12 different goals for each 12 months of the year. This proved to be semi-effective, but didn't render the results I was really hoping for.
But for 2018, I've been testing out this new methodology. Rather than segmenting my life into 12 pieces, it feels more natural to honor the seasons my heart and mind tend to move through at their own pace.

A Season of Cleansing-
This season is marked by detoxification, preparation and creating space.
This generally coincides with springtime as it seems to invigorate all of us enough to do massive bouts of "spring cleaning." The new year is still ripe and we all want to freshen things up and make room for a better us. I take this time to detox everything from my wardrobe to my diet and purge my life from any bad habits and toxic people. So yeah, don't piss me off in April. Jk
... kinda.

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A Season of Curiosity-
This season is marked by discovery, consumption and animation.
As that need for detoxification beings to wane, suddenly I have the urge to consume, filling up all the space I've just created. I think it's a pretty natural process especially in such a consumerist society. We naturally tend to want to fill everything from silences to empty closets. However, this year, instead of consuming more STUFF, I've chosen to satisfy this hunger by devouring knowledge. And "devour" is the perfect descriptor here because I have been absolutely ravenous for books lately. I explore every avenue of curiosity by taking classes, reading, asking questions and all so that I'm well prepared for my next season.

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 A Season of Creation-
This season is marked by action, energy and determination.
This is the time I put all my knowledge to good use. It's easy to become a perpetual student, as understanding the process of something is generally much easier than the actual application of the knowledge. This season is perhaps a bit fierce, akin to a blazing day of summer though they don't always coincide. But it's a time to take action and turn all that brain food into the energy that propels me into my dreams.

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A Season of Calm-
This season is marked by self love, coziness, and giving.
It's the time to scale everything back, understand what worked well, what I could do better and learn to be mindful again. I enjoy the fruits of my labor, the little things and get adamant about creating equal parts "me time," and time for loved ones. It's selfishness and selflessness in harmony.

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Each season blends into the next and they often include elements of each other, especially the one immediately preceding or following it. Just as some spring days feel hot enough to be summer, a day within my energetic season of creation can feel a lot more like a day within my season of calm. In this way,  I remain balanced (well.. at least I try to. This is all sounding a lot more zen than I usually feel.) I don't force myself into starting a new season until intuitively it feels right. Sometimes one needs to be much longer than another but when it's time to move on, I know.

Anyway, I'm curious to know (as I'm currently in the Season of Curiosity,) if this resonated with any of you. Do you feel moved by any specific "seasons" throughout the year and if so, what are they? Let me know below or on Instagram or Youtube!

Signing off with peace, love and pixie dust,
For quite some time now, I’ve been dealing with a bit of a Hannah Montana complex.

In other words... I feel like I’m leading a double life.

Yes, the internet is my outlet for all things fashion related, something I’ve been passionate about for as long as I can remember. My instagram is overrun with my outlandish attempts at style and my blog and YouTube are dedicated to it as well. But all too often people in my “real life” love telling me how unrecognizable I am outside of the magical interwebs. I mean, yeah... I don’t normally snap my Instagram pictures after rolling out of bed with no makeup on at 6:30am and spending the day rushing around between 5 different jobs.

I’m trying to build a business not scare little children.

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If I get one good day of Instagram worthy content, I make that shit last for WEEKS. Why do you think throwback Thursday was even invented? So that on Thursday, when we’re all nearing the end of the week, and we’re all exhausted and probably lying bed covered in nachos after work (just me?), we have an excuse to post a picture from a time or a place that doesn’t make us feel quite so much like an exhausted fat ass. Don't get me wrong, I don't hold it against anyone for speaking the truth. But I’m sure anyone else attempting to pursue a more entrepreneurial life but who’s creative endeavors are not yet paying the bills will understand the struggle.

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I can look and feel wildly different from day to day because while I diligently work towards my goals, I’ve got a lot of dirty work to do along the way, (you know... building character and all that shiz.) They say you should dress for the job you want, but this proves to be kind of tricky for someone like me. Sure, my dream job requires me to travel around the globe looking fabulous all the time, but until I get there, most of my other jobs call for an entirely different uniform. While all of my staple wardrobe pieces are nearly exclusively white, a pair of ivory culottes is the last thing I’m going to wear when my jobs for the day consist primarily of cleaning up dog shit. Similarly, my collection of little white sundresses will never be on display when I’m busy taking care of kids who have an uncanny talent for spilling (and secreting) various juices. For these jobs, I dare to wear nothing other than the ultra sexy combo of a ratty old sweatshirt and leggings because I know whatever I’m wearing will be destroyed by midday. 

So I choose to share with the world about 2% of my life. It’s not that I’m attempting to pretend like those other parts don't exist, it's just that, 
1. I want to share my style because that's where my passion lies, but I don't feel the need to share everything. Like I don’t really need the world to know I took the browns to super bowl on Friday at 2:36pm. Call me private, call me old fashioned but that’s just not my thing. I like at least some parts of my life to remain a mystery.  

And 2. It’s that little 2% that I’m trying manifest into 100% of my life. Which is exactly why those are the moments I put forth into the world. 

Still, as an aspiring fashion blogger, I couldn't shake the feeling of being a phony. I wanted to find a way to make that other 98% feel a little more like that glamorous 2%. 

And that’s when I discovered the magic of accessories.

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Shockingly enough, I've never been one for accessories. I always heard the common stereotype of women being obsessed with shoes and handbags and just never understood the appeal. It's not that I wasn't attracted to them or anything. I'd buy the occasional pair of funky earrings or statement necklace, but then completely forget to wear them. I’d always preferred to let my bold style do more of the talking via clothing, and never felt I needed to rely on accessories. That is, until the fateful day I decided to add a hat to my very simplistic, and truthfully unfashionable outfit. 

I was spending the day nannying for a 3 year old who’s favorite pastime was finger painting. So the uniform of choice for this was a pair of old leggings, a grey sweatshirt and no makeup. But I figured the least I could do was add a beret to the mix just to look SLIGHTLY more put together (and cover up my greasy mane to be honest.) The effect was shocking. The girl's mother couldn’t stop saying how cute she thought I looked! I can honestly assure you I looked thoroughly uncute, but it was the magic of accessories! I wore the exact same outfit every other day and never generated such a response but adding a little something extra to the top made it appear that much more special! I suppose it’s difference between plain vanilla ice cream, and a sundae. The same boring vanilla ice cream becomes so much more delicious when dressed with a little whipped cream and a cherry, and whose going to turn down some hot fudge? So that’s the secret people! From now on, bathe yourself in the fashion equivalent of fudgy goodness... accessories!

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I began to experiment a bit and nearly always found the same result. The bare bones of my outfit remained pretty uninspired for the most part: leggings and plain top, as vanilla as could be. I simply started experimenting more with all the garnishes. A scarf around the neck here, a hat there, a different pair of shoes and BAM! Instantly I was transformed into someone vastly more stylish. This is why every fashionista rattles on about bags and shoes. Accessories possess such a transformative power!

Thanks to this epiphany, I currently feel so much closer to that 2% in my average day to day. Yes, 98% of my life is not nearly as glamorous as my Instagram might have you believe, but I'm learning to let my worlds collide a little bit. If you're anything like me and lust over fashion but are feeling held back by your daily grind for whatever reason, let this be your inspiration to play around a little! Being busy, or stressed or knee deep in dog poop doesn't have to keep you from style. Learn to make your closet work for you, after all that's such a key factor of what style is: discovering ways to navigate around whatever life throws at you, in the most fashionable way you can! From now on, I'm taking the duller, dirtier parts of my life as style challenges and I hope you will too! 

with peace, love and pixie dust, 

Hello world! This past weekend my friends and I met up at the beautiful Cherry Blossom Festival in Brooklyn. I went last year with my friend Alex and we couldn't wait to see it again! Sadly, I think the long, hard winter kept the tree's from really blooming so there weren't quite as many Cherry Blossoms this year. However, the grounds were still covered with so many amazing trees and flowers as far as the eye could see! I swear I could go to the Gardens everyday and never get bored!

Since everything was of course Sakura themed (cherry blossom in Japanese) there were so many Japanese snacks to try and a whole Japanese Market that sold everything from kimonos to pottery! It was beautiful and I couldn't help but indulge in some sweet sticky rice treats with red bean paste (one of my all time favorites!) This year I also tried onigiri with salmon. It was my first time and it was AWESOME! 

I really wanted to let the Blossoms shine so I kept my outfit pretty simple for the most part with this little white dress from Forever 21. To add a little extra pizazz (because this is me we're talking about here) I added the fishnets and my straw boater hat from H&M. These black tie up heels from Forever 21 are the perfect height and despite wearing them ALL day trekking in and out of Brooklyn, they never hurt my feet! The white sunnies from Urban Outfitters also added a very vintage feel which I appreciated and to finish everything off I added my whicker basket bag from Etsy. 

under the beautiful Magnolia trees 

Later that day Jeffy brought me to The Yellow Magnolia Cafe for lunch. We had a FANTASTIC meal between the very interesting mustard greens soup (which apparently the chef whipped up on a whim after accidentally receiving a huge order of mustard greens!) and tarot chips, and then a lovely smoked salmon platter with creme fraiche and pita! YUM! 

The weather couldn't have been more beautiful, it was an absolutely lovely day!