Most jeans have me saying boohoo, these jeans have me saying boo-ya! 
Recently I noticed a sale at The Gap and decided to indulge in this fabulous pair of jeans. 
And I. 

Strolling through NYC, enjoying a drink at Cha Cha Matcha, I couldn't believe I'd finally found a pair of jeans I loved so much. Honestly I felt like doing a cha cha with delight! 
The color, the cut, the fit, and the way they cup the booty... holy guacamole. 
I don’t want to exaggerate here, but if Jesus Himself were to return in the form of denim, I’d be willing to believe this is the pair of pants He would be embodying. 

Now the fact that I'm so jazzed over jeans though is quite out of character for me. Because historically, I've always hated them.
Anytime I stood in the dressing room of an Abercrombie staring in the mirror at my suffocated pancake booty, I felt thoroughly horrible about myself.
If, by the grace of God, I could squeeze my butt and thighs into that denim prison, I could have a full blown party in the waist section. But if the waist fit, I'd be lucky to get them up past my knees.
And the situation happening between my thighs would have every camel on the planet fearing for their toes.
i'll leave the flattening to the flatiron district... not my pants.

Furthermore, if, like me, 90% of your body is just butt, you're no stranger to how evil low rise jeans can be. Bend over one time and your undies, or heaven forbid your crack, is on full display like a sad, humiliating billboard. 

My cheeks are like a wild, majestic bird. They will not be caged. 

Which is why my personal style has always gravitated more towards dresses. People ask me all the time why I'm always so "dressed up" due to my choice of ensembles. But it's not my intention to be so fancy all the time, I'm just trying to let these thunder thighs do their thing in peace, you feel?
But I'm here today to tell you, that if you too suffer from badonkadonk-itis, there is hope.
I've simply decided that from now on, the higher the waist, the better. I don't care if the world considers them to be "mom jeans," give me an SUV and a stern look that could kill if that's the case, but I don't want my muffin tops exploding over the edges of my pants. Modern day mom jeans are SEXY! They accentuate the waist and let your legs breathe while still preserving a great silhouette! 
The trouble was, up until very recently it's been hard to find anything that catered to these needs. 

It’s strange and sad that body parts can go in and out of style, but it’s only in recent history that junk in the trunk has been so heavily praised. Just a few years ago it was a practical sin to sport a sizeable sit-upon. But as the BeyoncĂ©’s and the Kim K’s of the world started rising up, so did the zipper length on jeans. And these days, we’re all still asking the same question:
"does this make my butt look big?"
The difference is, it’s no longer asked in fear, but rather with wide, hopeful eyes. Which means that those of us with wide, bloated thighs can rejoice!
So here's the situation. Now, more than ever, I'd argue there are so many options available to ALL body types. 
The key is figuring out your proportions and what makes you feel fantastic. You don't need to box yourself in by conforming to the current standard. I had closed myself off from a whole world of fashion simply because I was stuck in the mindset of low-rise skinnies that clearly weren't working. There are COUNTLESS cuts, styles, colors, etc., out there for your exploration! Mid-rise, low-rise, high-rise, flare, bootleg, dark wash, light wash, you name it! 

And don't even get me STARTED on jeggings! 
I can guarantee, there's something out there that will hit you in all the right places. I can't promise it'll be easy to find, but I'm confident it's out there. 
So ladies, go out and try something new! Find a way to celebrate your body as opposed to hiding it away or clamping it down! After all... life is booty-ful. 

Jeans: Gap
Tube Tob: Urban Outfitters
Heels: Asos (similar) 
Bag: Mary Frances 

Recently, Jeff's Dad had seen an article about a new restaurant opening on Long Island called Broadway Market and decided to treat his sons to lunch there. 
(Oh, and for those of you who aren't familiar with my blog, Jeff is this random guy I found in a dumpster one day and he hasn't stopped following me around ever since. 

Just kidding, he's my boyfriend and he's awesome.)

Anyway, the men relayed to me that this was essentially everything I could ever hope for: part boutique bakery, part Manhatten-esque eatery and totally instagrammable. It's easy to see why this place is so fabulous though, as it was created by bringing sister companies Naturally Grass Fed and Something Sweet Dessert Shoppe together. Not to mention, anything with Broadway in the title is generally right up my alley! 
How had I not heard of this?! 

I hadn't realized that somewhere along the lines, my boyfriends father had become more hip and trendy than me, and I took this to mean I was losing my edge. 

Before I knew it, he'd be taking over my blog and rebranding it as "Wear is HE Now."

I was not about to let this happen. 

So after a quick existential crisis, I decided to check it out myself. 

Thankfully, the fabulous people at Broadway Market invited Jeff and I to a Blogger Dinner they were hosting and as you can imagine, I was stoked to go! 

For such a fabulous event, I was keen to wear this new dress I recently picked up from Forever 21, my favorite thrifted bag and of course, my go-to black heels. They're just so easy to walk in and instantly elevate a look! 
While I adore the dress, however, I'd actually recommend something a little more food baby friendly for this place because you're going to want to stuff your face. I'm not afraid to admit, a few of these buttons were dangerously close to popping off by the end of dinner. 

We started off with fried mac n' cheese bites and wonderfully citrusy ceviche! That right there was enough to have me satisfied, but the plates kept coming. Phase 2 of dinner consisted of grilled Sea Bass with fiddle head ferns, (which are totally the food of fairies,) and pulled pork macaroni & cheese. 
Was my stomach protesting so much cheese? Yes. 
Did I care? No.

Finally, we finished off our meal with a nutella flatbread pizza for dessert and it was every bit as incredible as it sounds. With fresh berries and hazlenutty goodness oozing out of the warm flatbread, it was gone within minutes. Though we were practically rolling ourselves out of there, they surprised us with 4 mini doughnuts to take home! 
I'd like to say they lasted the night... but I'd be lying.

My personal favorite is the Margarita flavored one; it's covered in edible GLITTER! :D  But it also came with a mini pink frosted sprinkled doughnut, a Boston Cream and a lemon meringue! 
Since then, Jeff and I have decided that this is our new "place," so we intend to eat a LOT more of those doughnuts! 

Do any of you have a favorite hotspot? If so, I'd love to know! 

Signing off with peace, love and pixie dust,
Veronica :D 

As someone who is constantly on the lookout for instagrammable places, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered this cozy little spot called Verde Kitchen and Cocktails.

Located on the Main Street of Bayshore, Long Island, this restaurant will make you feel like you're dining inside a botanical garden. They've been open since October 24, 2014 and from then until now, it seems they've been perfecting the art of creating Authentic Mexican.

Jeffy and I enjoyed Sunday Brunch together complete with Barbacoa Beef filled tacos and pulled pork sandwiches. My dish came with a side of fried plantains that were surprisingly (and deliciously) spicy rather than the traditional sweet plantains I'm used to!

The real kicker though? We shared a tres leches cake for dessert that was TO DIE FOR. (Seriously, I'd be willing to take a bullet for this cake.) It was heavenly and light, topped with caramelized popcorn and dusted with spicy Mexican chocolate. I like my food to be just as adventurous as me, and this cake was an exquisite marriage of so many foods I never would've thought to combine.

And of course, where would brunch be without a cocktail or two? I'm not entirely sure when "brunch and mimosas" became the new "milk and cookies," but you don't see me complaining! Especially not when the mimosa of choice is watermelon flavored! It tasted like a jolly rancher, and that is a major win in my book. Jeff's mimosa was Hibiscus flavored and it was just as delicious! This comes as no shock though as Verde is known for their craft cocktails. We didn't have a chance to try them that morning, but their margaritas are said to be incredible too!

One of my favorite parts about Verde is their interior. We were seated in their sunny green house where the walls are made entirely of glass and little boxes filled with plants and herbs sit in each window. Our waiter confirmed that these herbs are, in fact, used in their cooking! Better still, everything is organically grown and super fresh. Perhaps it's that freshness that makes everything so good!
I recently picked up this dress from Urban Outfitters, and couldn't wait to wear it! It seemed like the perfect brunch ensemble (minus the fact that I spilled my Mimosa on it... oops!) I'm obsessing over all things linen right now and I'm sure I'm not alone on that one!

I wanted to keep everything simple to give off that "I'm-a-rich-Hamptonite" vibe. A girl can dream can't she? So I paired it with my favorite white sunnies (also from Urban outfitters) and these strappy black heels I scored at Forever 21.

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon spent stuffing ourselves with fantastic food. Luckily, this dress lends itself quite well to the food baby you'll want to give yourself at a place like Verde Kitchen and Cocktails.