Dinner at Broadway Market & What I Wore

Recently, Jeff's Dad had seen an article about a new restaurant opening on Long Island called Broadway Market and decided to treat his sons to lunch there. 
(Oh, and for those of you who aren't familiar with my blog, Jeff is this random guy I found in a dumpster one day and he hasn't stopped following me around ever since. 

Just kidding, he's my boyfriend and he's awesome.)

Anyway, the men relayed to me that this was essentially everything I could ever hope for: part boutique bakery, part Manhatten-esque eatery and totally instagrammable. It's easy to see why this place is so fabulous though, as it was created by bringing sister companies Naturally Grass Fed and Something Sweet Dessert Shoppe together. Not to mention, anything with Broadway in the title is generally right up my alley! 
How had I not heard of this?! 

I hadn't realized that somewhere along the lines, my boyfriends father had become more hip and trendy than me, and I took this to mean I was losing my edge. 

Before I knew it, he'd be taking over my blog and rebranding it as "Wear is HE Now."

I was not about to let this happen. 

So after a quick existential crisis, I decided to check it out myself. 

Thankfully, the fabulous people at Broadway Market invited Jeff and I to a Blogger Dinner they were hosting and as you can imagine, I was stoked to go! 

For such a fabulous event, I was keen to wear this new dress I recently picked up from Forever 21, my favorite thrifted bag and of course, my go-to black heels. They're just so easy to walk in and instantly elevate a look! 
While I adore the dress, however, I'd actually recommend something a little more food baby friendly for this place because you're going to want to stuff your face. I'm not afraid to admit, a few of these buttons were dangerously close to popping off by the end of dinner. 

We started off with fried mac n' cheese bites and wonderfully citrusy ceviche! That right there was enough to have me satisfied, but the plates kept coming. Phase 2 of dinner consisted of grilled Sea Bass with fiddle head ferns, (which are totally the food of fairies,) and pulled pork macaroni & cheese. 
Was my stomach protesting so much cheese? Yes. 
Did I care? No.

Finally, we finished off our meal with a nutella flatbread pizza for dessert and it was every bit as incredible as it sounds. With fresh berries and hazlenutty goodness oozing out of the warm flatbread, it was gone within minutes. Though we were practically rolling ourselves out of there, they surprised us with 4 mini doughnuts to take home! 
I'd like to say they lasted the night... but I'd be lying.

My personal favorite is the Margarita flavored one; it's covered in edible GLITTER! :D  But it also came with a mini pink frosted sprinkled doughnut, a Boston Cream and a lemon meringue! 
Since then, Jeff and I have decided that this is our new "place," so we intend to eat a LOT more of those doughnuts! 

Do any of you have a favorite hotspot? If so, I'd love to know! 

Signing off with peace, love and pixie dust,
Veronica :D 


  1. I'm always so jealous of places you visit, damn! Love it!

    1. Come to New York one day girl! But there's a million places overseas I can't wait to see, the grass is always greener I suppose!

  2. That's such a pretty dress you have there dear! So chic and sexy. Loving the stripe! Anyway, food looks amazing!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  3. Thanks so much beautiful! It's one of my favorites! :D

  4. It looks so delicious.