Instagram Hotspot: East Main & Main Doughnut Shop

girl smiling wearing floral dress at East Main & Main doughnut shop
As an avid Instagram fan, I'm constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest hotspots for insta-worthy pictures. Lately I've been on a mission to find some of the best places in and around Long Island, New York, and there's certainly no shortage! I've been turning my discoveries into a bit of a series here on my blog, and today I'm adding yet another to the list: this adorable little doughnut shop called East Main & Main.
Front sign of East Main & Main doughnut shop
Front counter of East Main & Main doughnut shop
girl smiling wearing floral dress at East Main & Main doughnut shop
Located in the loveliest little Long Island town of Port Jeff, this sweet eatery is fabulous for so many reasons. One look at their Instagram, and you'll be drooling more than you ever knew possible. And trust me... no one is judging you for it!

Their shop is filled daily with the most delicious concoctions including everything from Matcha Mint Chip to my personal favorite, Salted Caramel Nutella Cookie Dough. 

That's a thing.
And yeah, it's just as fantastically extra as it sounds.

a selection of doughnuts from East Main & Main
Source: eastmainandmain.com
They are totally delicious and everything from their packaging to the doughnuts themselves are ridiculously Instagrammable!

girl wearing pink dress at East Main & Main
girl wearing pink dress sitting in window at East Main & Main

If the doughnuts weren't enough though, East Main & Main's decor only sweetens the deal (pun intended.) 

The walls are filled with artistic renditions of doughnuts and happiness inducing typography. A little lounge sits tucked in the back of the place where books and strings lights hang from the ceiling like something out of Alice and Wonderland. Stop by to play a board game while you eat or just enjoy the crap out of an endless choice of premium doughnuts!

I've been noticing this very Pinterest worthy trend going around the internet of doughnut walls for weddings and other parties, and of course East Main & Main has jumped on the train! In fact, they were even featured in the The Knot! Not only do they offer the doughnut walls, but they also do custom orders, and drizzle and dip parties. To be honest I'm not entirely sure what exactly a "drizzle & dip party" is but it sounds heavenly so I won't question it.
white doughnut wall at a wedding
Source: Instagram
Oh yeah... and they deliver. Which means the next time your doorbell rings, it could be some hot dude with a box of steamy doughnuts just for you. 

I'll just let your mind run wild with that one as I wrap things up here...

So next time you're on Long Island, definitely take a stroll down to Port Jeff and check out East Main & Main! This place is sure to make both your day, and your Instagram account, just a little sweeter!
A girl wearing a pink dress in a red photo booth

Dress: Abercrombie*
Shoes: Charlotte Russe (similar)*
Hat: Urban Outfitters *

Have you discovered any Instagram hotspots the world should know about? Let me know down below!

Don't forget, the world is your runway.

Until next time!

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  1. I LOVE these photos! This location is absolutely adorable! Those shoes too, stunning!

    1. Thank you so much! I practically live in these shoes, and yes! A super cute spot to check out the next time you're in New York!