NAME: Veronica
New York, N.Y.

Okay, you want the simple explanation, so here it is:

Wear is She Now is a lifestyle blog exploring a little of everything with a lot of style.


But it's much messier than that.

It's a state of mind for creative insomniacs. It's for those that don't fit into boxes and can't "stay in their lane."  It's responding to "so what do you do?" with "what don't I do?" It's a place for those of us exploring who we are, who we want to be and the role personal style plays in celebrating that.


In short, it's the last stop on your way to your next big adventure. 



I started this blog as a creative outlet when I had no idea where life was taking me. Performing, traveling the world and moving to New York were still just dreams taped to my vision board back home in rural Long Island. I needed a place to play with self expression and, as a bit of a thrift addict, I began to explore the world primarily through the art of getting dressed. 

Over time, this has become a space to document the imperfect, tangled, exhilarating process of shifting those visions into realities. You're welcome to join the journey as I chase my wildest dreams of music, writing and adventure, through the glitzy streets of New York City.

All in completely impractical heels.